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ACT Prep

Get your student prepared for the ACT Test taking can make most students feel nervous. And sometimes the more important the test, such as one that holds a key to their dream college or the next step in their educational future, the more it can make that nervous feeling intensify. Help your student ease their worries and get better prepared by signing them up for an ACT prep course. This holistic course provides a comprehensive review of the ACT test, but also focuses in on the specific subject matters that will be covered. Plus, this year we’ve added a section on overall test preparation based on feedback from our past participants. Each session will show your student how to approach the ACT Test through one-on-one attention from expert instructors, practice questions, review of past test booklets and more. Check out a detailed overview of what’s covered in the ACT Test Prep course that’s offered year round.

  • Test Preparation
  • Talk through ACT booklet and the scoring for the test
  • Students will talk about where they want to continue their education at and the entrance requirements for each such as ACT score, coursework, service work and more
  • Discuss intricacies of students and how that plays into scoring, structure, and time
  • Develop an ACT strategy for each student
  • Set goals for ideal score and how to pace set a pace for the different test sections
  • Go over what a student can do the night before and day of the test to be prepared

Cost: $199


Every Saturday until Nov. 16, 9am-noon

For More Information

UW Eau Claire Centennial Hall Room 1204
1698 Park Avenue
Eau Claire, WI 54701