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Bright Ideas: Fun Writing Prompts for Summer

The hardest part about writing is usually getting started. That’s why writing prompts are a great tool for scribes of any age – they take away the pressure of conjuring up an amazing idea. It’s like a simple game to play: No judgment on how it turns out because it’s just for fun. Check out some prompts below to get the writers in your life scribbling away ...


A few places to start a story, poem, essay, or whatever.

• What three things are you most excited about doing this summer?
• If you built a water park, what would it look like?
• Describe your favorite summertime treat.
• What’s the weirdest thing that could happen while camping?
• Try this: Go outside. Every two minutes, start writing about something new you see. Stop after 10 minutes.


This is just the beginning – you take it from here.

“She ran across the diving board faster than anyone else. We watched her leap off the end and go flying over the pool with her arms out like a bird. Then we gasped. Instead of falling down to the water ... she flew higher. She flew right over the nearby trees. ...”

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