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7 Top Tips for Family Camping

In the last issue of Chippewa Valley Family, we provided a basic camping guide – from gear to planning. Getting the entire family organized and prepared for the great outdoors can be a daunting task. Below are additional tips to making your camping adventure a breeze:

1. Get to camp early.

Leave yourself plenty of time to get everything set up before dark

2. Be prepared for bad weather.

Pack some board games, cards, or books to keep you occupied.

3. Plan activities and pack accordingly.

Think about swimming, hiking, fishing, frisbee, or yard games.

4. Bring layers to dress in.

Swim suits and sandals might suffice for daytime, but evenings get cool. Pack warm socks, tennis shoes, long pants, sweatshirt, rain jacket, maybe even a warm hat.

5. Pick up your site at night.

All food and garbage needs to be packed up to avoid critters. Plastic totes work great for food. Be sure to pack garbage bags

6. Don’t forget the sunscreen and bug spray.

You’ll thank yourself later!

7. Pack fire starters and newspaper.

Don’t assume there will be dry kindling around the campsite.

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