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Spicy Chef and Lover of S’Mores

Eau Claire husband, father enjoys summer in the Valley with hiking, campfires, and lessons about kindness


Manish Joshi


Shannon (wife), sons Liam and Eli


Putnam Heights, Eau Claire


Manish Joshi is a busy dad who tries to add spice to his life – literally and figuratively – in the Chippewa Valley, whether its by cooking zesty Nepali dishes or hitting the hiking trails with his family. Manish first came to the Chippewa Valley in 2000 to attend UW-Eau Claire, where he received undergraduate and graduate degrees in Human Resource Management and Business Administration. It was in Eau Claire that he met his wife, Shannon, and where they are raising their sons, Liam and Eli. When he’s not working as a training analyst for Mayo Clinic, Manish is impressing his boys with his soccer skills, taking them to Fairfax Pool for summer fun, or enjoying a meal at Mahli Thai in Chippewa Falls. Food, he says, is a powerful say to connect with other people and to understand their cultures. “My philosophy on life is as his holiness the Dalai Lama states: ‘Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.’”

We love the Chippewa Valley because of the abundance of parks, rivers, and lakes, of the beauty of the hiking, nature, and biking trails we have in the community.

I couldn’t live without spicey foods.

I make sure to never miss the chance to enjoy campfires and eat s’mores.

My favorite place to take the kid(s) is Olson’s Ice Cream parlor in Chippewa Falls.

My family has taught me to enjoy quiet evenings at home playing card games.

I never leave the house without good walking shoes.

Our typical weekend is going to see grandparents, and listening to the wonderful sermon and meeting our church congregation members.

In the summer, you’ll find us at Fairfax pool or playing football and soccer at the Eau Claire soccer fields.

When the kids are with a sitter, we love to go to Mahli Thai in Chippewa Falls and enjoy a movie at the Eau Claire downtown theater.

My spouse always laughs at me because I quote random Seinfeld lines.

My spouse would say my super power is cooking wonderful Nepali food, fast.

My kids will tell you that their dad is the best soccer player in the Chippewa Valley.

If I could pass on one bit of advice it would be don’t hesitate to try diverse foods. Food connects us. It is just not a meal, but a chance to learn and embrace people and cultures.