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Painting Outside: 5 Easy, Unique Ways to Paint With Kids

In the summertime, outside painting with kids makes a parent’s life so much easier! It also can add so many unique elements to the painting process. Ever painted using your swing or slide? What about painting with bouncy balls? Here are five creative ways for your kids to create art.


Materials: Swing Large roll of paper Paint Paint brush Rocks Instructions: Lay out a large sheet of paper and secure the ends with rocks to avoid it blowing in the wind. At the top of the paper, put blobs of each color paint. Then swing back and forth on your belly as you drag the colors.


Materials: Large roll of paper Balls with texture (bumps, spikes, etc.) Muffin tin Paint Slide Instructions: Put a different paint color in each section of your muffin tin. Gather balls of different types that have some texture to them. Place them in the muffin tin and roll them in the paint. Lay a large piece of paper out on the slide. (I placed a large rock at the top to keep the paper from sliding down.) Then roll the balls down the slide. Repeat this as many times as you would like to create your design.


Materials: Bouncy balls Paint Muffin tin Large roll of paper Rocks Instructions: Lay out a large piece of paper and put rocks on the corners to prevent it from blowing away. Squirt paint in the muffin tin and roll the bouncy balls in the color you would like. Bounce them along the paper.


Materials: Feather Paint Paper Instructions: Go on a scavenger hunt for a feather. Use it like a quill pen to paint or write on your paper.


This type of painting is by far the easiest! Grab water and paint brushes and decorate the sidewalk. Yep – that’s it! It is that simple, and yet it is so entertaining! Plus, clean up is a breeze and the creations dry right up in the sun.

On summer days, clean up is much easier outside. If you’ve got a water table, you can use soapy water to wash the balls, muffin tin, and brushes.

Ashley Peggs is a mother of four from Eau Claire who blogs at You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube (@parentingtheprincipal) as well as on Twitter (@PrincipalParent).