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3 Ways to Encourage Your Kiddos to Embrace Wintertime

ways to get outside, have fun, and make memories this winter

SAY CHEESE! Don't forget to document your winter adventures for a photo book for kids to look back upon.
SAY CHEESE! Don't forget to document your winter adventures for a photo book for kids to look back upon.

As snow continues to fall, ice begins to accumulate, and COVID-19 refuses to decline, winter can seem downright unbearable. But stop right there! That's no way to think about the best season of the year. With a little bit of positivity and a whole 'lotta fun, we can transform this harsh chilly winter into countless opportunities to create lasting memories. Now, you might be wondering: How can I embody this positive winter spirit while engaging with my kiddos, who might think the winter chill is like h-e-double-hockey-sticks. 

Here are five ways to embrace the winter frosts, from community engagement to fun backyard endeavors. 


Grab your warmest gloves and immerse yourself in the beauty of snow. Challenge your friends and family to make the best snowman, worse snowman, best snow-dinosaur, or whatever else you can imagine. Winner gets extra marshmallows in their hot chocolate afterwards! Or, go extra hard at the Snow Sculpture contest at Wakanda Park in Menomonie on Feb. 4-5. Check out more information at 


Wintertime is a great opportunity to engage in selfless acts of kindness. Buy shovels for the family to shovel a neighbor's driveway. Offer prizes for the snow-shoveler of the day. Or, stay warm inside and write letters to local retirement homes and senior living facilities. Encourage your kiddos to write thanky0u notes to their favorite teachers, or find a local nonprofit and spend a day volunteering. Think outside the box! 


Don't like winter? That's quitter talk! Local parks – such as Pinehurst Park – offers visitors to ability to check out sleds, snowshoes, and Kubb setts for free. The familiar joy of sledding will uplift winter spirit across the board. Check out a local sledding hill, or rent skates at the Hobbs Ice Arena to face the challenge of ice skating together. And, hey, take a stab at crokicurl in Altoona or Eau Claire, too! 


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