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DIY Printable: "I'm Bored!" Jar

The arrival of summer often means that kid’s have awful lot of free time on their hands and sometimes, they don’t always know what to do with it. To combat the inevitable “I’m bored!” whine session, we’ve created some handy instructions for creating your own boredom busting resource: The Bored Jar.

There are many ways to make a bored jar, but the basic idea is the same. When your kiddo starts complaining that they have nothing to do, they simply draw out one of the activities from the jar and complete it. Activities range from doing a chore to getting creative, can be adapted to almost any age/ability, and can be done solo or with friends and family. The best part is that most of the activities require zero financial investment or planning, and can be done right at home.

Round up the following

• Glue/Tape (for the label)
• A jar or container
• Scissors
• Our FREE handy bored jar printable


1. Simply follow the link to download and print the Bored Jar Printable.  Feel free to fill in the blank boxes with your own fun activities.

2. Cut out each individual square and the jar label.

3. Tape or glue the label to the outside of your jar.

4. Place the cut out strips inside your container.

5. Enjoy a boredom free summer!

Download the Bored Jar Printable

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