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Back-To-School Prep Time

set up your kids with the right supplies – and the right attitude

I can’t believe it is already July. As we start thinking about school I have a few teacher perspectives/tips to share.

First let’s talk school supplies. As a teacher, I wish I could tell you it was as easy as a “Top 10” guide to must-haves for every student, but the reality is I can’t. Each spring, teachers take time to hem and haw over the list of school supplies they put out for parents to purchase for the fall.

We all have some jitters those first few days, but everything goes more smoothly with a positive attitude.

As teachers, we think about what we need to make our classrooms run smoothly while being aware that we don’t want to break the bank for parents. We are aware that the back-to-school sales include a plethora of fun and flashy supplies, but as fun as all the cool new things are they end up being more distracting in the classroom then helpful.

If you have supplies from previous years that are in good condition – such as scissors – please feel free to reuse them. To make going back to school smoother for your children and their teachers, stick to the list.

Now that we have our supplies in tow, let’s talk about the back-to-school routine. As a teacher for more than a decade, but more recently as a mom who has a child in school, I see back-to-school differently now.

There are a lot of things that go into back-to-school time. I have found from both viewpoints that it is important to start your children on their school schedule for wake-up and bedtimes about a week before school begins so they are not thrown off during the first few days. I also think positive talk is one of the best ways to set the tone for the upcoming school year.

With that, I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and on behalf of teachers we are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Emilee Thornton is a third-grade teacher at Southview Elementary in Chippewa Falls and mother to a fun-loving 6-year-old, Lucas.

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