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Craft Time: Volcano Egg Painting

a foamy, fun way to color your Easter eggs

There’s just something about the reaction between baking soda and vinegar that can keep kids entertained for hours. And considering how cheap the two ingredients are (you can buy them right at the dollar store) it’s a frugal family’s dream. Now that the weather is bound to get a little nicer (we hope!), it’s the perfect time to get outside and get a little messy. And with Easter right around the corner, it’s a delightful excuse to make some Volcano Eggs.

Materials Needed

hard-boiled eggs
food coloring
baking soda
paint brushes
some cups
gloves to protect hands from staining
muffin tin


1. Create baking soda paint using a tablespoon (or so) of baking soda, a couple of teaspoons of water, and some food coloring. Mix it up and experiment until you have the consistency and color you want. (We found that yellow and green dyes didn’t stick very well, but reds and blues did.)

2. Grab a paintbrush and start painting your eggs with the baking soda paint.

3. Place the painted eggs in a muffin tin. Pour vinegar over the top of each egg and watch it erupt.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 as many times as desired.

Bonus Tip: For extended play, dump out any leftover baking soda paint on a hard surface you’re not worried about staining and allow the kids to smear it around. When they’ve tired of painting the surface, they can simply wash it away with vinegar.

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