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So Much Summer in Store for You

Sweet, sweet summertime – it has arrived! The Chippewa Valley Family crew is sending you its warmest summer wishes for a fantastic season of adventure, outdoor hang time, and day after day of soaking up some Vitamin D (with lots of sunscreen, of course). As parents ourselves, we know how quickly this time of year can fly by. Have no fear, we have you covered with our carefully crafted Summer Bucket List. From reading a good book to eating cheese curds to getting out on the water to becoming one with nature – we’ve compiled a handy list to ensure you can dodge any regretful moaning over activities you may have missed. Stick it front and center on your refrigerator as a helpful reminder of the exciting things to check off this year. 

And! While you’re cruising through your Summer Bucket List, be sure to vote for your family’s favorite activities, events, businesses and more with our annual reader poll: Family Favorites of the Chippewa Valley. Check out the categories on page 26.

We encourage you to make it an interactive family experience and sit down together to vote with the kids. They will love voting on their favorite pizza place, toy store, teacher, place to burn energy, and more. Simply click the “Family Favorites” logo on and vote away.

We know parents have their go-to family-friendly spots, annual events, programs, and restaurants, and we’d love to share that insight with everyone in the Chippewa Valley. Whether you are new to the area or a lifer, our Family Favorites of the Chippewa Valley will provide you with the opportunity to make your voice heard. 

There are five key categories focused on community, living, discovery, activity, and creativity. If you don’t see your favorite business, organization, or activity, don’t hesitate to write it in. You are the experts in our community! 

Voting is open now and concludes on Wednesday, July 17 (at midnight), so you’ll have three whole weeks to check out the categories and make your voice heard. Have fun! Vote here:

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