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Welcome to Autumn, Chippewa Valley!

This is one of the very best times of year to be living in the Chippewa Valley – and one of our most important seasons for local families. Autumn is a time of fond farewells, transitions, and big new beginnings.

Many things are changing, and we’re not just talking about the leaves hanging outside your window. The start of a new school year really shows us how our kids are growing and evolving. This is when the bittersweet emotions of parenting are in high relief. Little activities and routines that once defined our kids’ daily life are giving way to new adventures. It’s hard to let go, but there’s plenty of joy in what comes next.

Navigating new classrooms, new friends, and new teachers can be hard for anyone, but especially for kids – and their parents. Sitting back and seeing how they do in these new environments takes its own kind of strength. We support them at home and we hope they do well out in the world. New challenges are what life is all about, and the best we can do is encourage a love of learning. With you on their side, they’re going to be just fine.

And don’t forget! Autumn’s also about cool air, sunshine, and a massive list of amazing outdoor activities. Wisconsin really stands out this time of year, and to make sure you don’t miss it, we’re introducing an all-new special section called “Fall Family Fun” – check out page 27 for our take on autumn in the Chippewa Valley. You’ll find plenty of local events and activities to get the most out of the season.

And that’s not all! Our Family Favorites results are in! Over the summer, we put up a huge online poll and asked our readers to pick their favorite family stuff from throughout the Chippewa Valley. We provided a whole range of questions concerning family life in the area – from restaurants to daycares, from sports programs to art classes, from stores to museums and more – and readers were able to add their own responses on which everyone else was able to vote. Make sense? Well, you can find the results on page 8.

We hope Family Favorites can serve as a guide to the area’s many fantastic places and activities. We also hope the list can open your eyes to everything this area has to offer your family – things you may not have otherwise considered. We see it as a great jumping off point for trying new things and getting the most from your life here in the Chippewa Valley. Enjoy!

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