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Eau Claire Mom Lynn Buske Works to Brighten the World Through Community Advocacy, Artistic Outreach


Lynn Buske


Husband Chris; stepdaughter Alice (14); Ilana (9); Sebastian (5); two dogs,
and a handful of fish.


Eastside Hill, Eau Claire


Most of the time, you’ll find Lynn Buske on her feet not only as a busy mom but also as a dance teacher, a community organizer, and an active member of her church. Lynn, a native of Stanley, graduated from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, in 2001, and subsequently taught English in Taiwan and lived the “creative life” in Seattle for a few years. Lynn returned to the Chippewa Valley in 2007, where she met and married Chris. “I’ve been a teacher, caretaker, health advocate, spiritual seeker, and dancer my whole life,” she says. “I love biking, birds, reading non-fiction, board games, and playing with my children.” Lynn is an organizer for JONAH (Joining Our Neighbors, Advancing Hope), a local grassroots, faith-based organization that works on issues such as housing affordability, immigration, and child poverty. In addition, she is founder of BaredFeet Co., a nonprofit that brings free wellness and arts-as-wellness education to the Valley. She also leads liturgical dance at her church, Trinity Lutheran in Eau Claire. “I may be extremely busy,” Lynn says, “but I design it all around my family, whom I am deeply in love with and dedicated to.” 

We love the Chippewa Valley because ...

... nature is embedded in it. It is so beautiful, it’s a part of me, and both I and the Chippewa Valley have come a long way. The people here are pretty amazing.

I couldn’t live without ...

... God, my mom, my kids, and my spouse … and dancing ... and probably bananas.

I make sure to never miss ...

... the WHYS Bluegrass Festival every summer.

My favorite place to take the kids is ...

...the public library and biking around our neighborhood.

My family has taught me ... to unconditionally love, how to trust the growth process, and that no one is perfect but everyone is worth fighting for.

I never leave the house without ... calendar, though it feels like I haul everything with me everywhere I go: My car is full of my kids’ clothing, snacks, yoga mats, hula hoops, art supplies, and JONAH yearbooks.

Our typical weekend is ...

...not typical.  Chris works Saturdays and I sometimes work both days, but most often I sleep in on Saturday while the kids watch Netflix. In summer we hit the farmers market, then it’s off to dance rehearsal while the kiddos play with friends, and we hang out as a family for dinner. Chris and I try to have date nights every other week. Sundays it’s church in the morning and hopefully hanging with my parents in the afternoon.

In the springtime, you’ll find us at ...

...Tuesday Night Blues. Kids swinging in the backyard. Outside anywhere!

When the kids are with a sitter, we love to ... sushi at Ninja and catch some local live music.

My spouse always laughs at me because ...

...I’m never on time and I’m always busy.

My spouse would say my super power is ...


My kids will tell you that their mom ...

...loves them very much.

If I could pass on one bit of advice it would be ...

... love your kids for the uniqueness they bring to the world and nurture it every chance you get, and take the time to develop a relationship with God and with yourself.

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