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Anything is Popsicle at Altoona’s New Ice Cream Joint

44 Below serves up quirky, delicious treats

Today’s forecast is sunny with a chance of sprinkles at 44 Below, Altoona’s new ice cream shop at 1488 Front Porch Place in River Prairie. Featuring sweet treats like Butterbeer floats; refreshing ice cream floats with local Sprecher’s soda available on tap; fruity pebbles ice cream bowls; homemade waffle nachos with waffle chips, ice cream, and toppings; and delectable strawberry cheesecake ice cream with cherries, strawberries, and cheesecake pieces, and graham crackers all in one delicious homemade waffle bowl. Their worms and dirt bowls – with colorful gummy worms, Oreos, and chocolate pudding – aren’t just for kiddos! And we won’t even mention their pineapple upside down cake with angel food cake, pineapple, cherries, strawberry sauce, and whipped cream. (Oops, we just did!)

“It’s going to be different from your average ice cream shop,” said Jake Jensen, who works in marketing and food development for King Pin Management, which owns and manages the new ice cream parlor (as well as Wagner’s Lanes and several other Chippewa Valley establishments).

The folks at Wagner’s were inspired to open an ice cream shop because of nearby River Prairie Park. They thought: Wouldn’t this be an ideal location for someplace to stop for ice cream and then head over to the park? For people who are runners or seek healthier options for their day in the park, they also have items such as smoothies with all-natural protein add-ins – choices they plan to make more robust as time goes on.

44 Below also plans to add a whole slew of seasonal options when it comes to ice cream. In the fall, they’ll offer caramel apple-flavored options with loaded apple crisp cones – not to mention dessert toppings.

“Stuff will start to get more intricate as we go,” Jensen said.

The ultimate goal is to get more people outside enjoying the nice Chippewa Valley weather, so they also offer options for dog-walkers. For your fluffy friend, they have dog dishes comprising whipped cream and a dog treat to top it all off.

Kleine Leonard, who also works at Wagner’s Lanes and The Complexx, is an artist and photographer who has recently begun adding window art to 44 Below – which will open in late August.

“I know there’s lots of good treats,” she said. “I’m just excited to wait in line and get some ice cream.”

You can find out more about their delicious options at or their Instagram at @44belowicecream.


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